Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Purple Passion...Turquoise Dreams


So I have been taking my pictures in the morning because it's cooler and I don't have to worry about my clothes getting wrinkled while at work.  However, I think I may have to resort to taking them later in the day until Daylight Savings Time kicks in.  It's still a little dark out and I don't like how my pictures are looking.  As far as the outfit is concerned, I LOVE pencil skirts.  You can pair them with a dressy blouse, t-shirt, denim jacket/vest, etc.  They always look hot because they accentuate your curves, which is why they should always be fitted.  No one should wear a loose-fitting pencil skirt.  This Fall is a great time to play around with cute pencil skirts and tights in different patterns, textures, and designs.  Throw on some booties, knee-high boots, or suede/leather pumps, and you're good to go.  I have had this shirt for a long time and the color is just awesome. No matter what I pair it with, it stands out above everything else.  Lastly, it's official...I don't like these shoes. I told you in this post that I only bought them for the cognac detail on the back but truthfully, I don't like cream or white-looking shoes.  They just don't go well with my dark skin.  So it's pretty much safe to say that you probably won't see them again.  I really wanted to wear these shoes but I figured you're probably tired of seeing them.  Oh well, they're my favorite and comfortable.  One more thing, I think it's time for an outfit recreation.  My last one was Jessica Biel.  Any ideas as to whose outfit I should recreate next?  Let me know.

Details: Skirt/Belt: H&M, Shirt: Express, Shoes: Bakers, Handbag: Ebay, Necklaces/Bracelets: F21


  1. Nope, I like the shoes.

    1. Thanks dedivahdeals. For some reason, they are not on my list of favorites any longer. Lol.