Monday, November 5, 2012


Hello All,

If you guys/gals are Bakers Shoes shoppers then you may or may not be aware that they are phasing out their H by Halston line.  This is their higher-end brand of shoes that are absolutely fierce.  These shoes are known for their platforms, studs, spikes, vibrant colors, and the list goes on.  I am sad to see it go but I won't complain about the sale.  I love this pair, Elsie, because the colors...burgundy and burnt orange...scream Fall Fashion.  However, my favorite pair by this line can be seen in this post.  Little did I know that this necklace from H&M and the gold detailing on the ankle strap would be a perfect match with the Elsie.  I am a big fan of gold jewelry and accessories.  In my opinion, it goes much better than silver with my darker skin.  If you guys want a pair of "notice me" heels, try to snag a pair from the H by Halston line before they are gone.  I sold a ton of clothes to Plato's Closet yesterday and guess where I'm going today.  Yep...I'm headed to Bakers Shoes.  Until next time...

Details: Jeans: Target, Sweater: Marshalls, Shirt: NY & Co., Shoes: H by Halston(Bakers), Handbag: Zara, Jewelry: H&M, Watch: Aldo

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