Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spot Check

Hello All,

I bought this sleeveless peplum top at H&M toward the end of the summer.  It came in the same collection as these pants and while I'm sure some fashionable lady can pull the shirt and pants off together, I wasn't going there.  I loved each piece separately and thankfully the affordable prices allowed me to buy both.  However, because I'm not really in love with sleeveless shirts, this blouse works better for me under a blazer.  In the future, I'll to try to pair it with a long sleeve shirt underneath in an effort to get more wear out of it.  Lastly, the forest green blazer is another hot color for the Fall.  The conservativeness of the blazer toned down the bold print of my shirt, making it easy work wear.  Have a great week everyone.

Details: Pants/Blazer/Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Ross, Handbag: Zara, Bracelets: Dillard's, H&M 

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